When you spot a Tiger in the wild, shout “M‑I‑Z!”. View the editorial design →

TriPoint Hosting

A new logo and brand identity for a WordPress hosting company.

Day 20: Skull

An Inktober / Drawlloween excercise. See all →

Mizzou Admissions

A new, mobile-first design. Visit site →

Watch The Watchmen

Andy Hoberek, author of Considering Watchmen. View the illustration →

Mizzou Framework

A design system of standard styles and design patterns for the University of Missouri. See the project →

Woof Woof vs Beep Beep

Are robotic companions as good as real pets? I had the dogs face off in a classic boxing poster theme. Published in STEP Inside Design’s Annual Design Review 2004.

Pinkel’s Peaks

My full-page illustration for Mizzou Magazine with character studies. View the illustration →

Delta Systems

A single-page marketing site for potental eCommerce clients. Visit site →

Show-Me State of Mind

My full-page design and illustration for Mizzou Magazine.

Alastair Sterling

A character study from the webcomic O Human Star.


Mizzou students show off manes and mops, locks and ’fros. View the editorial design →

The New Black

Ten Tigers on what it means to be black in America. View the editorial design →

Mustachioed Mizzou

Historic facial hair of the 1800s. View the editorial design →

Missouri River Relief

A proposed site redesign.

Apply Button

An animated apply button for Admissions.

Read It Later Restyled

I made a userscript and Safari extension to redesign the Read It Later web interface. It’s “gorgeous” → It’s “incredible” →


The early design process for the University of Missouri homepage.


I’m Josh Nichols, a designing, coding and illustrating artist from Columbia, Missouri with more than 17 years of experience in print, web and UX/UI design.

As a visual designer, I describe myself as a left brain creative. It’s an odd mix of creativity and OCD. I love tidy code, setting up grids and building systems. I love messy code, breaking grids and tearing down systems. Whether I’m working analog or digital, I always try to inject life into my work.


eduStyle Awards

2013 Best News Site Nominee: Mizzou News

eduStyle Awards

2012 Best Research Site Nominee: MU Life Sciences Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (LS UROP)

eduStyle Awards

2008 Best Magazine Site: Mizzou Wire

STEP Inside Design

STEP Annual Design Review 2004: Mizzou Magic spread “Woof Woof vs. Beep Beep”

Admissions Marketing Report

Best of Show: 2003–2004 Annual Report “A Note of Thanks from the Chancellor”

Graphic Design:usa

The 2002 Design Annual: 2000–2001 Annual Report “The Best Education from the Heart of the Nation”

Admissions Marketing Report

Gold Medal: 2000–2001 Annual Report “The Best Education from the Heart of the Nation”


My ascii resume v1.8 in PDF format.

Download My Résumé